Our Work


Action Shot with Water Dog & Animal Photographer Tim Flach from A-Z Animals on Vimeo.

A-Z Animals is on the speed dial of many excellent photographers and film makers. Here's a shot we've done for photographer Tim Flach. Notice how precise the setup is in the water with the Golden Retriever. When the light, background and photographer is ready, the Golden Retriever is called forward by whistle into the focus zone of the shot. We love shoots like this where vast experience and great precision is called for. 


Blue Cross TVC from A-Z Animals on Vimeo.

Here is a Blue Cross TV commercial we have done. The Blue Cross are a very worthy animal charity that does exceptional work in the community.

A-Z ANIMALS assists many animal charities in their giving campaigns including Dogs Trust, Battersea Dogs & Cats Home, PDSA, RSPB, RSPCA and of course Blue Cross.


A-Z Dogs was asked by London & Partners to provide trained corgis for a promotional video they commissioned to promote key tourist desitinations in London.

The shoot took place over 2 days at various iconic London landmarks and required dogs that were confident in new and unfamiliar situations. With this in mind, A-Z Dogs provided the production with the perfect corgis and handler for the job. 

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Stunt Dogs at A-Z Dogs from A-Z Animals on Vimeo.

A-Z Dogs specialises in training stunt dogs for specific television and film stunts . Whether the stunt calls for a team of dogs, working together, to track down and grab a villain, or a pair of dogs making a full blown attack on a protagonist, both for purely dramatic effect, the same highly focused safety rules apply. We,

1. Analyse precisely the dramtic action required of the particular stunt and agree a safe approach with the Production's stunt coordinator.

2. Comprehensively address the safety of the dogs, cast and crew in the design and breakdown of the stunt.

3. Choose dogs that have a very confident, outgoing and affable nature to train for the specific stunt.

4. Train the dogs in a calm, thoroughly relaxed environment well in advance of the filming.

5. Test the stunt and film the test with stuntman and stunt coordinator in attendance (as shown here).

6. Agree the final breakdown and shot-list of the stunt sequence.

7. Write a comprehensive Risk Assessment and forward to all parties concerned.

8. Shoot the stunt sequence as trained and rehearsed, and avoid all "last minute good ideas".

This is a very specialised area of work and not to be attempted at home!


This "dog" commercial for Orange Israel is a classic idea beautifully executed in a studio environment.
A-Z Dogs provides beautifully trained dogs for films, television, theatre, photography, PR and special events.