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Our 4 Corgis used in a photo shoot

In the light of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee a word about Corgis seemed appropriate.
Originally bred and used as Welsh cattle herding dogs, Corgis were very adept at
biting at the ankles to drive the cattle forward. If the odd cow turned around the Corgi
was able to bite her on the nose and send her on her way again.

Traditionally, Corgis also guarded children and were beloved pets. Little wonder then that
Corgis have had such a special place in the affections of Queen Elizabeth. Corgis, after all,
are the original Big small dogs.

This is a shot we did for The Times. A-Z DOGS provides trained dogs for TV Commercials,
Films, Television, Digital Content, Theatre, PR and Special Events. 


As Borzois are not seen a great deal in the media, it's always a pleasure when A-Z Dogs provides Borzois for fashion advertising stills. Borzois are known as the Russian Wolfhounds and like Irish Wolfhounds have a calm and easy going approach to life. Borzois are particularly lovely dogs with their own very special aura.

This particular stills shoot was for the South Korean fashion brand Club Cambridge and was shot at the neo-Palladian English Country house Wrotham Park in Hertfordshire. A-Z Dogs provides trained dogs for film, television, photography, theatre and special events.


A-Z Dogs has recently provided three beautiful Malamute puppies for an Evian Mineral water live webcast from the Southbank in London. A Capsule themed as an Alpine Ski Lodge was the setting for the live webcast which allowed an on-line audience to decide what they would like to see live on camera during the webcast - hence the presence of the beautiful Malamute puppies.
Malamutes are an Alaskan breed well used to the snow and ice - sturdy, strong dogs with a great outgoing, friendly can-do attitude. Wonderful dogs. Beautiful puppies!

A-Z Dogs provides dogs for films, dogs for television, dogs for television commercials, dogs for photography, dogs for PR, dogs for theatre, dogs for special events and dogs for webcasting! 


This video shows the set-up for the classic backlit and reflector highlighted still photograph of a dog shaking out thousands of water droplets. A-Z Dogs specialises in providing highly trained dogs for films, television, digital, live theatre, special events and superb dog photography.

The precision which A-Z Dogs delivers to photographers allows them to create beautifully lit, technically brilliant photographs of exceptional quality. Classic action dog photography, as in this case, requires outstanding teamwork between trainer, dog and photographer.


A-Z Dogs recently provided a trained Corgi Dog for a Bayer Animal Health Lung Worm TV advert. This exterior location job was an interesting shoot as it combined the maneuverability and compactness of the Canon D5 with an equally compact and versatile portable motion control rig operated from a MacBookPro. It made me wonder just how many creative doors this new miniaturization revolution will open to filmmakers. A-Z Animals provided the live slugs and snails featured in macro close-up.

The Canon D5 and its imitators are revolutionizing the film business. With the major advances in resolution and optics, size no longer matters. What matters are great ideas beautifully executed.