Canine Charisma


When A-Z Dogs is casting a dog for a filming or photography project there are a number of criteria that inform the correct choice. Here are the three most important ones. The "look" of the dog is usually the attribute most present in the mind of the client. However, a friendly outgoing temperament is I believe also essential.

Indeed, the ideal dog from my perspective is one that has an inner confidence, a sense of themselves as an individual

I guess in human terms we might say, one that has high self esteem. Although a strange way of putting it,  this particular character trait can be invaluable.

This is the trait that allows a particular dog to project presence or another way of putting it, charisma. And that, at the end of the day, is what the client is really after. Although they would rarely articulate it in such terms.

Canine charisma is found in all types of dogs from Pedigree Dogs to Crossbreds.