The Queen's Favourite Dog!

Our 4 Corgis used in a photo shoot

In the light of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee a word about Corgis seemed appropriate.
Originally bred and used as Welsh cattle herding dogs, Corgis were very adept at
biting at the ankles to drive the cattle forward. If the odd cow turned around the Corgi
was able to bite her on the nose and send her on her way again.

Traditionally, Corgis also guarded children and were beloved pets. Little wonder then that
Corgis have had such a special place in the affections of Queen Elizabeth. Corgis, after all,
are the original Big small dogs.

This is a shot we did for The Times. A-Z DOGS provides trained dogs for TV Commercials,
Films, Television, Digital Content, Theatre, PR and Special Events.